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Model Portfolios

CCM builds portfolios for advisors to easily implement and rebalance:

  • There is an option for every client no matter the account size or where on the risk/reward spectrum they reside. 
  • We trade this portfolio of equity, fixed income, mutual funds, and alternative ETFs for you.
  • We communicate changes to portfolio in detail prior to trades being made so you can have informed conversations.

Qualified Accounts

Coastline Capital Management (CCM) builds portfolios for tax qualified accounts that meet clients' needs across the risk/reward spectrum. See our asset allocations and risk assessments for each model portfolio for qualified accounts below.

Qualified Models

Nonqualified Accounts

CCM also builds tax-aware portfolios for nonqualified accounts. See our asset allocations and risk assessments below for model portfolios that can be modified to work for clients in all 50 states.

Nonqualified Models

CCM provides a full suite of actively managed model portfolios.  There is an option for every client no matter the size of the account or where on the risk reward spectrum they reside. The portfolios are constantly monitored by the CCM team and are repositioned when market conditions warrant.  CCM trades this portfolio of fixed income, equity, and alternative ETFs and mutual funds for you and will communicate in detail prior to trades being made.  This will give you the opportunity to understand and communicate changes to your clients. In addition, our technology enables the advisor to “lock” existing positions that the client wishes to hold while CCM invests the rest of the account. A specific dollar amount of cash can be "restricted" for any client who wishes to hold cash and only the remaining assets will be invested into the model. This features are able to be edited at any time and be placed into effect immediately.