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Plan for Your Estate

Leaving a legacy is an important part of managing assets and protecting wealth for many of our clients. We can help ensure a smooth, orderly, and tax-efficient disposition of your estate to your heirs.

Specific Estate Planning Solutions Include:

  • Wealth Transfer: Estate planning is not only for the super rich. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to be in line when the time comes. Wills have to be drawn, beneficiaries need to be reviewed, etc. We can help go through the laundry list of items to ensure you and your family is ready for any event.

  • Tax-Advantaged Strategies: When planning for inherited assets, tax strategies need to be factored in. States can typically step in to garner their piece of the pie. It is important to plan for these scenarios beforehand to avoid unnecessary depletion of inheritance.

  • Trusts: Setting up a trust can help quell some anxiety over how the inheritance will be managed. There are a number of different scenarios that can be established, as well as many lending/borrowing opportunities that will be tax efficient.