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Life in a Box

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

All good planning begins and ends with your unique goals. We start by assessing your current financial position, gathering all relevant data – cash flow, budget, savings rate, balance sheet, and investment allocation just to name a few. All our recommendations are carefully researched and based on some of the best financial data and practices available. We work with your personal feelings about risk and ability to live with the verities of financial markets.

Asset Protection & Investment Management

Wall Street and the media often focus on an investment’s current potential return rather than the risk you must take to achieve that return. An understanding between risk and return is necessary for a long-term investor to make smart investment decisions.

At Coastline, we use a committee-based institutional investment approach to understanding risk and return. Our portfolios are thoughtfully designed and based on proven academic research of the capital markets. Through our discovery process, we begin by understanding your emotional tolerance for risk. From that basis, each asset allocation is built to properly maintain long-term results with one goal in mind – to help each client maintain his or her values and lifestyle without exhausting assets prematurely.