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Bond Ladder

Bank savings accounts don't offer depositors acceptable rates. CCM's Bond Ladders offer higher yields with low-risk cash substitutes. Capture today's higher rates with a bond portfolio customized to your clients' needs with a custom bond ladder developed by CCM which offer several benefits for clients:

  • a ladder provides diversification by spreading the client's fixed-income investment across a range of maturity thus reducing risk
  • a ladder offers predictable cash flows, as bonds mature at different times, providing a steady stream of income
  • a ladder offers flexibility, as CCM can adjust the bond ladder to align with the client’s specific financial goals and risk tolerance
  • each custom ladder is actively managed by CCM's experts, ensuring disciplined management and potential for optimal performance
  • overall, a customized bond ladder by CCM can help clients achieve their financial objectives with a well-structured, diversified, and actively managed fixed-income investment strategy

Key points on bond ladders:

  • Interest rates have risen high enough that bonds can deliver reliable income with less risk than stocks.
  • Owning bonds with a variety of maturities can help provide your clients with a source of predictable income even if rates move lower in the future.
  • CCM can help you build a ladder that reflects your clients' need for income, risk tolerance, and time horizon.