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Financial Solutions for Business Owners

We’ve found that our clients who are business owners have one thing in common: they are busy. Things like planning for retirement, finding great benefits for your employees, and putting together a plan for the day when you decide to hand it all over to someone else (or sell!) are items put on the “do it another day” list. At Coastline, we are dedicated to helping business owners harness the potential of their greatest asset, and plan for the future.

  • Corporate Retirement Plans:  As your business grows, coming up with enticing offerings to recruit top-notch employees is crucial. Offering retirement plans are a fantastic way to show employees you are willing to invest in their future. Coastline can help you develop and establish these plans so you can secure attractive options for your workforce.

  • Executive Compensation Services:  Another aspect of business growth is developing a structure for compensation for your management team. We help construct salary, bonus incentive plans, long-term investment strategies and benefit plans for small to mid-sized companies.

  • Business "Buy/Sell" and "Key Man":  When a business goes beyond sole practitioner, partners need to protect themselves against situations that may put their investments at risk. We can help businesses protect themselves by setting up agreements in the event that a co-owner dies or leaves the business. We can also assist in setting up insurance for crucial employees of the business.