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Experience What It’s Like to be Part of the Coastline Wealth Family

Get to Know Coastline

Get to Know Coastline

Our team members are more than financial advisors; they’re accessible, friendly, and responsive.

Bucket List Spotlight

Bucket List Spotlight

What’s on your bucket list? Meet our clients who are checking off their adventures one by one.

Mike’s Market Minutes

Mike’s Market Minutes

See updates from the market with Mike Kettner, Director of Investments

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A Better Client Experience

Finances can be complicated, especially if you’ve been trying to do it all yourself. Our clients are just like you – they’re investing to build wealth, trying to make good decisions to protect their family, preserve their assets, and plan for long-term goals.

We remove the frustration of financial planning. Our team coordinates all the moving pieces to help get you to a place of freedom. Imagine tomorrow’s possibilities without worry or uncertainty. Ask questions. Dream big. Step into your future with confidence.


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